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NEW ! Deadlift Stick Liquid Chalk fresh Citrus smell 100ml

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Citrus Stick 100ml

Liquid Chalk with Fresh Citrus Scent

Made in the UK by lifters for lifters

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The same pure magnesium carbonate liquid chalk with

the addition of Lemon essential oil

Maximize your grip to increase your lifts

Classic liquid chalk (pure magnesium carbonate no fillers no resin) - no mess chalk to improve your grip.

Easy to use just rub some into your hands allow to dry and your grip is enhanced.

Does not gum up your bar easily brushes off.

Just run your hands under water to remove.

Has antibacterial and antiviral properties stay safe in the gym

 Contents settle please shake well before use.


  • Maximize grip - Maximise your lift
  • Use in any grip related sport
  • Quick-drying - No mess
  • Fresh Citrus smell
  • Reduces Sweating
  • The alternative to block or powdered chalk
  • Up to 100 uses from each bottle
  • Not for medical or healthcare use

Used in 
Powerlifting , Weightlifting, Crossfit, Bouldering, Bodybuilding,  Climbing, Gymnastics, Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Golf, Bowling