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Natural Wood Deadlift Wedge - Beech

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Deadlift Slick introduces its new Deadlift Wedge
Made in the UK by lifters for lifters 

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The same deadlift wedge you know and love but with swanky new decals
Handmade in the UK ( there may be some slight variations)

Natural Hardwood - British Beech. 5 coats of hard varnish
Load and unload your barbells easily and safely,
Load and unload from any side.
EASY, QUICK, and SAFE no more rolling the barbell over other objects like plates..
Save your energy for your PR's not loading and unloading.
Lightweight and portable easily fits in your gym bag.

It measures approximately

300mm x 32mm x 25mm

(11.8in x 1.3in x 0.9in)

 Deadlift Jack alternative that raises the bar by approximately 10 mm allows you to easily load and unload plates.

More versatile than a traditional Deadlift Jack works on any type of bar, not just straight barbells.
Works on all common plate types steel, cast iron, bumpers, hexagons, etc.
It does not interfere with loading other plates.

  1. How to use: 
  2. Put the first plates on the barbell
  3. Position the Deadliftslick Wedge beside the first plate
  4. Roll on to the Deadlift Slick Wedge
  5. The bar is held in the groove and will not roll away
  6. Load your plates 
  7. Roll the bar off any side
  8. Only one needed Just switch the Deadlift Wedge to the other side.

Click below to view videos showing how to use your Deadliftslick Wedge
 Loading plates Stripping Plates Round Plates Hexagonal Plates