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Deadlift Slick Liquid Talc 100ml

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Liquid Talcum Powder for Deadlifting

Made in the UK by Lifters for Lifters

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Testimonials ....Awesome stuff!!!! Really helps deadlift!!! ..Chris Empson WDFPF World Champion

LIQUID TALC WITH ITS APPLICATION SPONGE IS A TOTAL GAME CHANGER - no mess at all, easy to apply, feels good against the bar - - - no more floors being ruined or people losing footing when get talc on soles of their feet--this is what you need. Great invention ..Lisa Bell IDFPF National Champion and Record Holder

Absolutely Brilliant Stuff! I always have trouble with bar drag while deadlifting & talc always makes such a mess and is awkward to apply evenly. Deadlift Slick is revolutionary and is sure to become the norm at all power meets!!.. Paul Rutherford WDFPF World Champion

You know the feeling the bar comes off the floor fast and clean, then it hits the skin on your thighs and slows down sometimes making you hitch or worse still fail completely.

Some of that is caused by friction you can overcome that friction by using talc.

Talc should be used in every deadlift session not just in competition.

It not only helps you to get that last rep in your set it also allows you to do each rep more smoothly with better form.

Powdered talc or baby powder is very messy to apply and is, unfortunately, being banned in venues up and down the country, because of the danger to other users, the floor becomes very slippy and also the cost of cleaning it up. 

This new formulation allows you to apply talc with no mess.


  • Quick drying
  • Easy application
  • No mess
  • Maximise deadlift  performance
  • Improved form less likely to hitch
  • Perfume free no more smelling like baby powder

Apply where you want it on your legs let dry that is it.

Contents settle please shake well before use.

Do Not get on hands - you will lose grip, or feet - you will slip

Use Deadlift Stick to improve grip performance

Free application sponge included with every bottle

Not for medical or healthcare use


250ml available here 

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