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Our liquid-chalk, Stick, is made with magnesium carbonate and alcohol nothing else some add resins as well but these leave a lot of residue on the bar sometimes clogging the grip completely and are quite difficult to remove. liquid chalk weightlifting , liquid chalk gym. 

Liquid chalk works by drying perspiration from the hands thereby increasing grip.

Liquid chalk is used in weightlifting , in the gym , and liquid chalk is used in climbing.

To use, a small amount is put onto your palms, spreading the chalk onto areas that require grip. The liquid evaporates when it comes into contact with the warmth of a user's hand, leaving behind chalk.

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Used in lots of sports to increase grip. Liquid chalk adheres to the hand better than powdered chalk. It is a no mess, longer lasting, no fuss way to greatly increase your grip.

Once finished just rinse of with water.


Use Stick Liquid Chalk to Maximise Your Potential 

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